Anniversary Sale!

One year ago today I released This Hope Will Guide, a collection of original worship songs. It’s been a great year and I’m so thankful for all who purchased the record.  As a way of saying thanks, and as a little bit of fundraising for a new singer-songwriter project I’m currently working on, I’m running a huge sale in the store for one month. Physical CD’s of This Hope Will Guide Me will be $6 (plus shipping), and all other CD’s will be $5 (plus shipping)! Aaaand… downloads of This Hope Will Guide Me will be $2! That’s right! Two bucks! This is your chance to stock up on my catalog and/or to introduce your friends to my music. So head to the store and get some cheap music!!! Sale ends September 13!


  1. V says:


    This is my first time to visit your website. I would like to use your John 1:1-17 songs for our campus. Do I purchase 1 set or do all families purchase for it to be used in our campus?

    • Ross King says:

      Thanks so much for purchasing, and for the question. Since this is how I make my living, I’d obviously prefer that anyone who wishes to use it in their home would purchase their own. However, if you are in a smaller campus (10-15 families or less), I’d be willing to sell you a “license” for $10 to just pass it around. You can email me directly with further thoughts or questions:


  2. Sharon says:

    I am purchasing your CC songs to use with my son. My question for you is about your albums. Are the album songs also scripture? If so I’d like them for additional memory work for the whole family. 🙂

  3. Lea says:

    Hi Ross, yesterday I purchased your John music. I have an email verifying the paypal payment. How do I go about receiving the music?

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