Author: Ross King

Have you gotten my new single yet?


For those who don’t know, I released a song called “Good Company” early last week. I’m working on a new project right now (an EP, which is just a term for a “shorter than ten songs” album), and for a variety of reasons, I’ve decided to release a few songs ahead of the release of the whole project. It allows me to focus — mainly in terms of marketing and promotion — on one song at a time and try to gain new fans who maybe wouldn’t be willing to take a risk and spend $7-8 on me, but who might be willing to spend a dollar. It might sound silly, but in the current climate of the struggling music business, you wouldn’t believe how hard it is to get people to buy any music at all, much less an entire album. Anyway, I’m very, very excited about this song. It’s something I wrote for/about some friends of mine who were dealing with leukemia, and my hope is that the song will bring healing and comfort to people who are hurting, grieving, lonely, depressed, etc. As many of you know, I want to write music that speaks honestly of the Kingdom of Jesus, even when the truths are difficult or complicated. And I think this song does that as well as any I’ve written in a while. Anyway, if you’d like to buy the song, here are a couple of links for purchase.

And here is a lyric video for the song, if you just want to get a sample.

Finally, the new EP will be out soon. I’m still deciding on an exact release date (I originally said November 11, but now I’m wondering if that’s too close to Christmas), but I’ll have more info soon. And in the meantime, I’ll be releasing a few “singles” from the project. I hope you check them out. Stay tuned!


Wanna Pre-Order My New Album?

I’m in the midst of recording a new album of brand new songs. I’m beyond thrilled! If you’ve followed my career at all, you probably know that I love — and feel called — to write thought-provoking, soul-stirring, sincere songs of my faith — and sometimes my struggles of faith — in Jesus. I am super-excited about these new songs. They chronicle my journey through loss, depression, victory, joy, and all kinds of stuff in between. I can’t wait for you to hear them. Go check out my kickstarter page if you’re interested in pre-ordering or otherwise supporting this new project. Thanks!

My New Christmas EP Released Today!

Hey friends and supporters. Just a quick heads-up that I just released a new EP of Christmas music. Three original songs and 1 traditional cover tune.

The EP is “download only,” so at least for now, there are no CD’s available. But you can get it at the two links below.


New Christmas EP! Be in My New Video!

Greetings friends, fans, and supporters!

I wanted to give you some news and to ask for your help.

First of allI’m releasing a 4-song EP of new Christmas music next week. As many of you know, I did an entire album of Christmas music in 2010. It’s a collection of mostly new songs with a few classics. Since it came out 4 years ago, it’s turned out to be one of my highest-selling and most well-received projects. On top of that, I had a really great time writing new expressions of the joy and mystery of Advent and Christmas. So I’ve been eager to write more, and now I have.

The new EP is titled Come and See, and it’s got 3 new songs and one traditional. Due to the timeline and some other constraints, it will be *download only* this year. If the demand is high enough I’ll make some actual CD’s for next year. But either way, I’d love for you to buy it and tell your friends. I’ll send out a brief announcement when I know the exact day of the release.


Secondly, I’m planning to do 3-5 Christmas concerts in December. I’m already working on a couple, but if you’re interested in booking something — whether it’s an intimate and inexpensive house show or something bigger — let me know asap. The calendar is filling up!

Third thing — and this is really fun! — I need your help in making a video. One of the new songs on the Christmas project is called “God With Us.” It’s a song about how people love getting together with their loved ones on Christmas because that’s what God did for us. He came to us in the flesh, and so now we do the same with our friends and family to celebrate the power of that kind of connection. Here’s the opening lyric of the song, to give you some idea of what I’m trying to do:

Let’s all agree together
that we will try to gather
sometime late December
with the ones we love
We’ll probably drive each other crazy
Like only family does
Me with you, you with me, God with us

Hopefully that makes sense. Anyway, some good friend of mine are making a video to promote the song, and we’d love to show lots and lots of visual representations of that kind of gathering. That’s where you come in! I need you to email me with pics and/or short videos of your family gathering “in the flesh.” But here’s the catch. I don’t just want “everybody in matching outfits at the foot of the staircase by the tree” kinds of things. I want candid, unique, and memorable. Pics of that first Christmas after you adopted… Or when your parent or child came home from the military… Or when the tree fell on Dad’s head… Or the first Christmas after you lost a loved one…. Or that time all the kids ruined the family picture… Or old pics you found in the closet of a Christmas gathering long forgotten… Funny, touching, interesting… That’s what I need. We plan on using literally dozens and dozens of shots, and a few short video clips as well. So if you want to see your family in my video, send me what you’ve got to I’ll do my best to respond to each of you personally and let you know if your pic/video made it in. And the final video for the song should be up in early December.

Sorry for the long post!

The Newsboys recorded my song!

In case you haven’t already been bombarded with the various social media celebrating (bragging?) that I’ve been doing, a cool thing has happened. The Newsboys, a really popular Christian music band, has recorded my song “Hallelujah for the Cross”, which is one of the songs from my last record. I’m very excited and honored. They did a great job on the song and it actually sounds a lot like my version (just with Michael Tait singing, which is surreal and awesome since I was a huge DC Talk fan as a kid). Anyway, the song has been released to radio and is also available for download here and here. I’d be extremely grateful if you would buy the song and/or contact your favorite Christian radio station and request it. It will help pay my bills. There’s a link to the lyric video below. Check it out!

Newsboys “Hallelujah for the Cross”

Anniversary Sale!

One year ago today I released This Hope Will Guide, a collection of original worship songs. It’s been a great year and I’m so thankful for all who purchased the record.  As a way of saying thanks, and as a little bit of fundraising for a new singer-songwriter project I’m currently working on, I’m running a huge sale in the store for one month. Physical CD’s of This Hope Will Guide Me will be $6 (plus shipping), and all other CD’s will be $5 (plus shipping)! Aaaand… downloads of This Hope Will Guide Me will be $2! That’s right! Two bucks! This is your chance to stock up on my catalog and/or to introduce your friends to my music. So head to the store and get some cheap music!!! Sale ends September 13!