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On this page you can find some lyrics and chord charts for my songs. I’ve recorded about a dozen albums and written literally hundreds of songs, so there’s no way I can put all that here. Mostly this will be my most current and/or most requested stuff. However, if there’s something you’d like and can’t find, just ask me and I’ll try to hook you up.

Also, some of the time I give you a couple of different options for charts in terms of what key it’s in. I do this for two reasons. First, I want you to play/sing the song in a key that is comfortable for you, regardless of what key I sing it in. And second, I wanted to give some of the acoustic guitarists an easy way to play songs in keys like Bb and F#minor.


This Hope Will Guide Me charts:
We Will Remember — B
We Will Remember — G
Hallelujah for the Cross — Bb
Hallelujah for the Cross — G
Your Kindness Knows No End — A
Your Kindness Knows No End — G
Sin is Powerless — G
My One Response — Bb
Evermore — B
Evermore — G
Look and See — C
To Make You Known — G
Win My Soul — A
Win My Soul — G
Because He Loved Me First
Death is Overcome
Free the World — D-E

God Undefeatable charts:
God Undefeatable — Bb
Nothing Ever Can, Nothing Ever Will — Bb

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