New video with samples of scripture songs

In response to a few of you who asked for previews of my scripture memory songs, I’ve made a video that gives a short sample of each of the five songs. These are songs that I wrote for our local home school co-op, and then made available “to the world”. The video is below (or you can go here) and I’ll put a link in the store page as well. Thanks!





  1. Dionne Adkison says:

    Dear Ross,
    Back in 1997 I met you at Texas Christian University and bought your earlier CD’s such as “Something By Sunrise” and “Sullivan’s Flaw.” I have been sharing your worship music with others ever since. Thank you for following God and allowing Him to use you…your music always touches me deeply and helps me worship on a deeper level with Christ. I was wondering why you don’t sell your older stuff on here–it is so rich? May the joy of Christ bless you more and more as you share your God given talent with us. Thank you!

    • Ross King says:

      Hi Dionne! thanks so much for the encouraging words. What old stuff are you looking for? some of it may be out of print. Basically I sell everything on here that I still have. Duplication of CD’s can be pretty expensive (you usually have to order 1000 units for a price break, and even then it’s $1-2 per CD), and it takes a while to sell old stuff, so I’ve just let some of the older stuff go out of print. I think pretty much everything is available on iTunes, though. Let me know if I can help you find anything. Thanks!


  2. G says:

    Ross, is it okay if I share your song with the moms on my CC campus, or do I need to ask them to purchase the songs individually for their family? Thanks!

    • Ross King says:

      Hi! thanks for the purchase, and for the question. Obviously I make a living as a musician, so selling individual copies helps me pay the bills, but I seriously want you to feel freedom to share the song with your campus. that’s not a veiled way of saying “ok fine, but I wish you wouldn’t.” Really! 🙂 I’m just giving you the two sides of the coin: yes, I love it when lots of people buy, but yes, I also feel great about telling you to share it with others irrespective of individual purchases. Either way, please let me know if there’s ever anything else that I can do for you. Blessings!

  3. Catherine says:

    Hi Ross – if I want to buy your songs John 1:1-7 in Latin and English for my community, how would I go about doing that?

    • Ross King says:

      Thanks so much for contacting me. There are a few ways you can share the songs. First, you can obviously play it at your CC meetings, both at home and at your campus. If you’d like for individual families to have it for home use, I’d prefer if they purchased it individually. I make my living as a musician and songwriter, so I promise I’m not just trying to be greedy :). One more option, though, is this. I’d be glad to do a sort of “informal license” if you want to try something like that. Meaning, if you’d like to pay $10 or so, I could just say, “ok, $10 gets you a license to distribute the song as you see fit.” I assume there are more than 10 families on your campus, so hopefully this would be a sort of discount. Would you want to do something like that? If so, I’d be up for it. Either way, you can email me at if you have further questions. Thanks!

  4. Heather says:

    Hi Ross,

    This is another CC mom (& director) here to say that I love these songs you’ve put together…thank you!

    Could I get the lyrics and chords for your John 1:1-7 songs in English and Latin? I have a talented mom on our CC campus who is willing to play the songs with “live” guitar so that the kids can have the fun of singing along & playing tambourines & maracas.

    On our campus yahoo group, I plan to link to your website so that families who enjoy the song can purchase your songs and download them individually. We’re a relatively small campus (14 families), but I bet you’ll get at least a few more sales from this, because your songs are so catchy and helpful that I think everyone will want them!

    If you’d like, and only with your permission, I’d be happy to also post the lyrics and chords and link to purchase your song on CC Connected, which is a resource that CC members can access from all over the world. It has a wide reach, and if CC folks see your lyrics and chord sheets, they will likely want to download the song in order to learn how the rhythms fit.

    Thanks again for writing these…I love them!

  5. Lauren says:

    I am big fan of Ross king. Your songs are always soul touching and ones feel relaxation by listening your songs. Keep it up your effort for entertaining us! more details

  6. Bridget Lane says:

    I am a fairly new C.C. and homeschooling mom. Thank you so much for setting scripture to song (only the scripture). These songs are enjoyable to sing as we hide God’s word (word for word) in our hearts. I know you wrote these for the C.C. community, but will you be writing any other purely scriptural songs? Please do!!! I know there are other artist out there that do this, but I just really enjoy your style and voice. Thanks and God Bless,

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