New Videos and Tour Dates!

I’ve been posting lots of videos lately, mostly just lyric videos. But this morning I posted something a little more professional for “Hallelujah for the Cross.” You can see all of it here.

I’ve started posting tour dates for the upcoming Jimmy Needham tour and other dates as well. If you’d like to book me for worship or a concert, check out the Events page and the Booking page.



  1. Anthony Croff says:

    Hey Ross,
    I have a huge “ask” to make:
    I am the worship minister at Southside Baptist in Paris, TX. I just discovered this song of yours last night when I saw that Paul Baloche had tweeted it. I was simply blown away and moved by the Spirit through this song.

    Is there any way to get the multitrack or even a stem for this song so that I can do it in our live worship setting with the same feel/instrumentation you use?

    Thanks for what you do in resourcing the church at large with new material.

    – Anthony Croff

  2. b says:

    i am trying to purchase a few cc song downloads, but your site will not take my credit card. i tried both with and without paypal. i would prefer to pay without paypal. any suggestions?


  3. Julie says:

    I purchased the NIV of Ephiasians 6 and it continues to cut off and re-play from the beginning about half way through. Any way we can rectify this?

  4. Kory Jumper says:

    Ross, I am leading worship at an event in Galveston Texas and your song community would be perfect for the occasion. Is there any way to get chord charts from you?
    The event is a life share mission trip and it’s a bunch of churches coming together. The song would be perfect and I would like to make it the theme song for the event.

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