Online only for the Christmas record

Hey everyone. It’s a little bittersweet to announce that The Christmas Stories is out of stock. I didn’t realize until a month or so ago that I probably should’ve reordered early this year, and by then it was too late to get them by Christmas. And sales this year have been fantastic (see, that’s good news, right?). Anyway, I have a few left, but I’m saving those to sell at my remaining Christmas concerts over the next couple of weeks. So, if you really want one, come see me this week in Houston (contact me for details) or buy one online thru iTunes, Amazon, etc.

I’ll have more ready for next year. Thanks to everyone for buying.


  1. John Bruce says:

    I am a public school teacher in Ohio. I love your song Christmas Eve. I made it part of our 8th grade Christmas show for the entire middle school. The scene took place in a store where maniquinns(sp?) comes to life. The kids loved it. Let me know if you are interested in seeing it. I will send it to you or post it on a facebook page. It only lasts as long as the song.

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