The Newsboys recorded my song!

In case you haven’t already been bombarded with the various social media celebrating (bragging?) that I’ve been doing, a cool thing has happened. The Newsboys, a really popular Christian music band, has recorded my song “Hallelujah for the Cross”, which is one of the songs from my last record. I’m very excited and honored. They did a great job on the song and it actually sounds a lot like my version (just with Michael Tait singing, which is surreal and awesome since I was a huge DC Talk fan as a kid). Anyway, the song has been released to radio and is also available for download here and here. I’d be extremely grateful if you would buy the song and/or contact your favorite Christian radio station and request it. It will help pay my bills. There’s a link to the lyric video below. Check it out!

Newsboys “Hallelujah for the Cross”


  1. Rita says:

    Not sure how to contact you about a purchase I made via paypal for the song in English of John 1:1-17. I did get the download for the Latin song, just not the English. Help.

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